The Naked Calendar-2014 to raise funds for the National Association for Mental Health in the United Kingdom


The first calendar was made in 2009 and was appreciated as a financial success.
The Bedfordshire Young Farmers club is describing itself on their website:
“Young Farmers is a youth organization, for young people with an interest in the countryside. Though you definitely do not have to be a farmer to be a Young Farmer. Each club is run by its members so meetings are organized to suit the members’ interests. Meetings can be guest speakers, visits, activities, or competitions. Recent meetings held in Bedfordshire are farm visits, water sports, first aid, treasure hunts, archery, self defense, salsa dancing, cider making, talks by revenues and customs, driver safety, and a local juror. Clubs usually meet formally once a week.”.
A total of 76 people took part in the 2014 calendar, which also includes four horses, ten dogs and fourteen sheep. According to Emily Steaggles, it wasn’t an easy work to prepare the scenes, especially when they have mastered the sheep.
Bedfordshire Young Farmers have a Facebook page to present the calendar. For £10 everyone can purchase the Naked Calendar 2014 by phoning Henry Hunt on: 07824 552305.


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