Money changed the life of Adrian and Gillian Bayford, they split now


First, and the most important, the couple changed their modest three-bedroom house for a £500,000 property in Suffolk. They soon realized that their fortune placed them at 516th in the Sunday Times Rich List. Gillian quit her job as a healthcare assistant. Adrian, an ex-postman, continued for a while his passion on his music shop in Haverhill, Suffolk.
They continuously received about 40 begging letters a week but affirmed “we aren’t any different to the way  we were before”. Commentators from media related a rumor about some Gillian’s escapades, months ago, but she answered: “Every woman goes out and does her bits and pieces. But that does not mean I am having an affair.” However, her spokesman says now: “Gillian Bayford confirms that her marriage to Adrian has broken down irretrievably and they have separated.”


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