A British teenager discovered at the age of 17 that she has no vagina


“I’d never considered myself different from another woman and the news was so shocking, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing” she say remembering the diagnose moment. But this was only the first step. Miss Beck is a brave teenager, she decided to help others, so she wants to inform people about this rare possibility to occur for women, thinking that the affected persons must realize it earlier. She is a positive person and she was beginning to talk at everyone on Facebook about her condition.
Jacqui applies now a treatment at the Queen Charlotte and Chelsea Hospital and this will create the possibility to have an intimate relation in the future. But she will have to adopt a child or to use a surrogate mother if she will want to have a baby, sometime.
She confessed about the fact that she became stronger and she knows at this time that being different she will have to find a special man but this is not a bad thing to happen. And she is almost happy to deal with her condition preparing for a music career.



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