A “space-port” project in the UK to be finished in 2018


This space program should have around a mission of a month. This project will be entirely privately funded. Probably it should be a European hub for Sir Richard Branson to base his space tourism program, taking people into space on suborbital joyrides for around 200,000 pounds a time.
Andy Green, Chairman of the UK Space Leadership Council, said about this project: “What we are asking the government is not to fund the space portal but to set a regulatory regime that allows it to be delivered.” More precisely. :If you’re got crafts going up into space they need to be coordinated with the Civil Aviation Authority and everything else that’s going on in our already crowded airspace.”
The entire project is appreciated as a “commercial opportunity.”
Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, a UK business magnate and investor, founder of Virgin Groups, the 4th richest citizen of the United Kingdom, communicated that his division sold 700 tickets for people to travel into space. He will deserve 500 people into one year, including Angelina Jolie and Russell Brand.


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