Man dies after drinking crystal meth worth £34,000


The package was delivered to the right address but it was sent to be received by someone else. The girl took it and held it for six months before opening it. She was hoping that if indeed the package was meant for someone else than that person will come and collect it. An ongoing police investigation shows that finding the drug in the UK is somehow unusual and that in this case Police might be dealing with a drug network that could bring Class A drugs in the UK.

The liquid that killed Romano Dias was crystal meth in its liquid form. The last words the father got to say were: 'I am in trouble here. I am dying, I am dead.'
The bottle is worth £34,000 and was most likely destined for a local dealer. Dias' death is considered to be purely accidental as Coroner William Morris doesn't believe that whoever put the crystal meth in that bottle really had the intention to kill Romano Dias.


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