Virginity sold online for $27,950


The “sales letter” , including her requested conditions, said explicitly:
“I am in urgent need of money, so I am selling the most precious thing I possess. I am ready to meet up soon, even as soon as tomorrow, and I am ready to have my virginity verified. I can come to a hotel at Predmostnaya Square with a document confirming my virginity, and with a person who will take the cash and leave, so that I am not fooled.This person will take away the money, but I will stay… The money should be cash only.”
The auction closed in one day and the winner, a man called Evgeniy Volnov will pay 900,000 roubles, or $27,950.
Some people were offended  and complained the girl for prostitution to the authorities. Some “waves” about this story occupied columns of local newspapers. But the police in Krasnoyarsk appreciated that the deal was genuine and no laws were broken. To be more clear, a spokesman made accurate saying:
“This situation is neither an administrative nor a criminal violation. Nor does it fit into a description of the 'Prostitution' clause from the Code of the Administrative Violations.”
So…won in the auction good !


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