Volunteer lifesaver wins a reprieve following local protests


During the trial Mr. Smith accepted his mistakes. He only wanted to go with 3mph above the limit but the NHS satellite navigation system from his Land Rover incorrectly showed the speed limit as being 30mph instead of 20mph. The man who raced to emergencies ahead of ambulance crews just to be able to offer resuscitation and first aid on numerous occasions said that SCAS controllers often turned a blind eye on people who drove slightly faster than the speed limit.

Godfrey Smith did not deny speeding on his way to save someone's live and admitted to his wrong doing. As a result he was dismissed by SCAS. Soon after his case was first made public people gathered together and showed their support by protesting against the decision. The volunteer ambulance driver finally won a reprieve and can now save lives once more after the former dismissal decision was overturned.


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