UK to spend £11 million for nicotine patches for prisoners


In order to protect the Government from being sued, UK officials plan to stop convicts smoke altogether. This is no easy task and prison guards warn us that convicts could respond with violent riots if this ban is suddenly introduced.

What worries officials even more is the outcome of a similar initiative that proposed to force inmates addicted to heroin quit their bad habit. They only ended up giving close to £3800 in compensation to each inmate. This is why it was decided to spend £11.3 million for nicotine patches and help the inmates quit smoking gradually. It is estimates that 67500 people behind bars smoke and a three month course with nicotine patches costs close to £170 per inmate. 

Thus a clear math calculus shows that the £11.3 million will only cover the treatment of people already behind bars. The costs could be even higher since the allocated money does not cover the extra people who will need care especially considering the fact that tens of thousands people leave and enter jail every year.


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