BBC unknowingly helped pedophile find luxury home


Thus not only did the child abuser appear in the "Escape To The Country" program but presenter Jonnie Irwin also helped the pedophile find a big house  South Wales. BBC Viewers were disgusted after realizing who the man was and that BBC producers helped him get a fresh start.

During the show Robinson asked for a four-bedroom house at the country that had more than 15 acres of land so that he could begin a new life as an alpaca farmer. One of the luxury homes Robinson got to visit was near a primary school in Roch, Pembrokeshire. When asked during the show why does he want to switch his life in London with one on the countryside Robinson justified: “London seems to have got a little bit more unpleasant, so we think the time is right to enjoy the wilds of the countryside"

BBC removed the "Escape to The Country" episode that featured Robinson from its iPlayer streaming interface as soon as they found out about the charges brought against Robinson. They declared they would have never made the program if they would have known about the man's past.


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