Convicted Manchester rapist was shocked to find out his last victim had HIV


Richard Thomas said he knew the woman for a long time and was aware the woman had a disease but he did not know she had HIV.

Now Thomas will have to wait until the end of the week to find out test results and whether the woman has infected him.

During his trial Thomas admitted that in a night he broke in the woman’s house and went in her room to rape her. When he was told he could have HIV Thomas was shocked. The man was asked to be taken to a local hospital.

According to the statement of Harry Pepper, the prosecutor in this case, the rape victim was not able to defend herself.  She just froze in front of the aggressor.

He also said that Richard consumed alcohol, cocaine and ecstasy. Richard Thomas's lawyer said that her client does not remember the incident but did not deny the statement of the victim. Judge Mark Brown said the rape took place while the woman was sleeping and because she had taken a sleeping pill the woman only woke in the middle of the rape.

Richard Thomas has been convicted of other offenses. He pleaded guilty in another rape case in July, this year.


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