Germany is preparing for federal elections


It is generally accepted, according to previous related studies, that up to five percent of German voters make their decision based on the televised debates.
After one hour and a half, the journalists appreciated that there's no a clear winner at this stage. Discussions have been conduced and moderated by four well known German journalists and the top subjects were the future of the Euro, the tax policy and the personal positioning attitude about the US spying actions recently revealed as a consequence of Snowden’s disclosures.
Even if chancellor Angela Merkel is in the lead based on her actual position and activity proof, it is not yet clear how a politic coalition will be built. The role of the Green Party seems to be important and their head Claudia Roth clearly expressed this idea. She said: “The duel has shown that everything is possible, nothing is decided. It showed that the Greens are needed.” The affirmation is also based on the evidence that ecology, environment protection, climate protection and energy turnaround are not only “subjects” but actual real tough targets for the German people as for the entire world.


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