Germany decided to allow the indeterminate sex specification


The strong motivation for this measure was to preserve the right of the newborn to make himself a choice later, if at the moment of the birth the sexual aspects are unclear. In other words, this is a way to protect the newborn from the arbitrary surgery actions requested at this moment to have an answer about the child’s sex. If now the decision is made by the parents, in the future a legitimated decision will be made by the persons with this problem at their adolescence age.

Even the law was adopted and will make effects, some discussions are ongoing at different levels in the about this subject. “A third gender” will produce complications  in other German laws related to marriage and partnerships, because they are made around the male-female opposition. Some groups in the society issued the opinion that the new sex option will produce a discrimination in schools.
The new perspective is, however, a way to recognize the reality as it is and Australia was the first country of the world allowing citizens to use an “x” for gender in their papers, including the password, since 2011.
Other European countries prepare to go this way.


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