investigation reveals girl that committed suicide sent herself hate messages


But executives over at had a shocking conclusion. According to their report 98% of the hate messages were sent by the teenager herself before committing suicide. This was concluded after seeing that the vast majority of accounts that posted the messages were sent from a computer using the same Internet IP address as Hannah Smith’s IP.

The 14 year old teenager who ended her life by suicide suffered months of abuse from bullies on before being found hanged in her bedroom.

The internet troll who bullied teenager Hannah Smith until she ended up killing herself has recently declared that he is now terrified about the possibility of having to go to jail. Police tracked the boy before getting to analyze the data handed over by The 16-year-old bully revealed himself on another social network. Apparently the boy didn’t realize the extent of his actions until it was too late. He then even considered meeting the girl’s father but later changed his mind.

When reached for comments Hannah Smith’s father had this to say: “I still want justice and see them arrested but I don’t want to see them go to prison. That won’t bring Hannah back.”


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