Losing his keys, an English farmer found a historical treasure



Mr. Iford and his wife Ana, a 40 year-old woman, live and work on their Oak Farm, in Bronington, near Whitchurch , England, on the Wales-England border. The man lost his keys somewhere in his property land and because of this he asked for help from metal detecting experts to find them. It was difficult to find the keys. However, beyond that, Cliff Mansey, 83, one of the  Wrexham Heritage Society experts team, working with  the  appropriate metal detector equipment, found something more valuable and interesting.
They found about 14 medieval coins from the 14th and 15th centuries, composed of 90 percent silver. It’s supposed that the valuable coins are from the time of Edward III, Henry V and Henry VI.
Mr. Edwards was very impressed by such a thing. He said: “It is once in a life thing. It is such a shock, you just can’t quite believe it.”

After the news was spread, the Wrexham County Borough Museum manifested interest in acquiring  the coins, for their historical value.
The actual owner, Mr. Edward, who bought the land three years ago, will split the money with Cliff Mansey. As they were primarily evaluated, the coins will sell for $ 800 – $ 900 each.


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