A lot of people killed in a train derailment in Spain



240 passengers were on the train when the accident occurred. The engine caught fire and all the 13 cars derailed and it seems that one of them was literally flying in air.
The Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was traveling to the scene. The accident was on the express route between Madrid and Ferrol.

A passenger from the train related that “on a curve the train started to twist and the wagons piled up one on top of the other.” Some other witness, including neighbors in the area perceived one big explosion before the .
At this time no further details were available. However, even though it was not yet confirmed, there were rumors of a terrorist attack.
Many Twitter users uploaded images illustrating the scene of the tragedy.

Due to this dramatic event, celebrations for the “DIA de Santiago”, the most important holy day on the region, planned for Friday, have been cancelled.


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