New baby arrival in the British royal family to come


Prince William, preparing to be a happy father, is a few days off from this work at RAF Search and Rescue pilot in north Wales.

People are supposing now about the sex and the name of the future new royal born. Maybe the name will be Charlotte or Elisabeth or Alexandra , if a girl, or George if a boy. Some papers even published top lists with dozens of  names.
Souvenirs from William and Kate’s royal baby’s born, as royal memorabilia, were prepared, having as ornaments images and emblems of the Royal family.

The Buckingham Palace has not provided the official due date for the baby. There are rumors saying that firstborns tend to be late and others calculating an existing two days overdue now.

St. Mary’s Hospital in London is the place where Kate is expected but not officially confirmed to give birth. This will be only the third time in the history of the British royal family when the event will take place outside the Buckingham Palace.

The world has to wait until the baby is born to see if it will be a boy or a girl. In both situations, due to the actual rules, the new royal born will be automatically the third in line to the throne.



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