Anti Catholic parade with violent confrontations in Belfast, Ireland


Because authorities prepared for this moment by blocking the Orange parade route with seven armored vehicles, the Orange’s leaders called thousands of people to protest as a strong immediate reaction.

Hundreds of police reinforcements were deployed from Britain due to the violent confrontations. Even the Orange leaders asked to suspend protests early Saturday because it all escaped from their control.
During the confrontations, the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service ferried eight wounded civilians from the riots to the hospital. It’s supposed that many others wounded rioters avoided the contact with officials by refusing to go to a hospital in order to hide their trace.
This was, however, the first time when Police deployed in Belfast from England, Wales and Scotland, more than 5,000 cops in the street. Since the Good Friday peace agreement was accepted between the two parts in 1998, the number of the Northern Ireland officers has been cut in half.

During their Friday’s street fighting protestants shouted anti-Catholic and anti-Irish slogans.
The Orange Order was founded in 1795. Analysts appreciated that now their activities are more oriented to self prove that they can maintain an active control force.



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