Sixty year old man stabbed to death while protecting older neighbor


Saturday afternoon after hearing commotion over at Cory-Wright’s home, his sixty year-old neighbor came to see what was happening. When he saw the attacker, Ian John McLoughlin, he intervened in the fight. The old man was stabbed and left to die.

Police investigation is still ongoing. According to another neighbor McLoughlin was reportedly in the same prison with Cory-Wright. Police believe there was a previous conflict between the two and when the attacker was released from jail he sought his old prison neighbor.

Francis Cory-Wright is now in hospital after the attack. His injuries are not that critical and he is expected to recover. A Police helicopter was sent hunting for the murderer but no traces of McLoughlin. Police have also urged people to contact them if they have any piece of information that could lead to the McLoughlin’s capture.


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