Swastikas in the forest again in the actuality


Nobody knows exactly how and why the swastikas were built in the forest but one thing is clearly expressed: the Nazi fanatics not aborted their dangerous attitude.

The most accredited idea suggests that swastikas in the forest were a present for Hitler’s birthday.

After decades, the swastikas from the forest have exercised a strong attraction for the actual Neo-Nazis

movement’s members. They organize visits to the such areas (many areas with forest swastikas was

finally discovered). The administration decided to eliminate from the forest the symbol of sad memory,

The sixth part of the trees included in the image was cut down. However, after some time swastikas were again visible and a new action to remove yellow trees was required.

The subject is again in actuality because many German people think that the past can’t be forgotten  and some major action must be taken to remember always the Nazi’s horrors and to not repeat them.


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