Schoolgirl lover declares that jailed teacher is not a pedophile


What Jeremy Forrest did was wrong as he took advantage of a naive young girl who is infatuated with him but the jailed teacher is not a pedophile. Proof of the girl naivety is found in her statements. The girl told the press that the teacher didn’t know she was a virgin when they first began having sexual intercourse.

The schoolgirl, who will rename un-named for obvious legal reasons, fell in love with 30-year-old teacher Jeremy Forrest while serving detention time. The two grew close on a school trip to L.A.

Jeremy Forrest has five child sex charges and is also accused of abducting a schoolgirl. Although his won’t be reduced the teenager declared she will wait for him to get out of jail as she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. According to the little girl’s declaration the pair had sex every day of the summer in hotels and in the teacher’s car. The girl wanted to end with an apology issued for anybody who was hurt by the pair’s escape run to France from last September. She explained they felt safer while on the run than at home or school.


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