In the future, some babies could have DNA from three people to prevent mitochondrial disease


The U.K. government accepted the solution and strict  regulations to apply will be issued in draft later this year. The procedure itself could be offered to the public within three years.

Mitochondrial diseases are incurable. It’s a group of disorders caused by the organelles that generate energy for the cell. This is “the convertor” of energy from food molecules to the body’s cells. The mitochondrial disorders may be caused by mutations or maybe the result of adverse effects of drugs or infections.
According to statistics related to the U.S., up to 4,000 children per year in this country are born with a type of mitochondrial disease. Globally, defective mitochondria can affect one in every 6,500 babies.

The method proposed in the U.K. has some opponents. They say it is unethical. This will not be, however, a medical procedure with a large appliance. I t is envisaged that about 10 couples / year will benefit from it.
A previous public consultation this year by The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority found general support.
The final version of the regulations on this subject will be debated in the U.K. Parliament in 2014.



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