Pope Francis’ activity during the first 100 days


It seems he has a problem requiring decision after recently receiving the information about the existence of a group of gay curial officials with sexual improper manifestations.

The most important aspect expected to be clarified is about the reform to the Vatican’s Curial government. This was an argument for the election as a “manager pope” during the conclave discussions. Pope Francis is not so eager to assume the power of decision. But he recently appointed eight cardinals from around the globe to help the reform in the church. Maybe this is a subtle way to promote a form of democratic papal government.

“The great spiritual questions are more alive today than ever” said Pope Francis speaking to the Italian catholic journalists.

Just to remember, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the actual Pope Francis, is the first Jesuit pope, the first pope from the Americas and from the Southern Hemisphere. According to church experts, on the first Holly Thursday after his election, Francis was the first pope who included women in this ritual.

During the first 100 days, Pope Francis pronounced his opinions about encountering Jesus, promoting morality, creative transformation in evangelization, capitalism, economic crisis, wasting food, position of women, child abuse and child labor, contraception, same sex marriage, organized crime and more.



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