New information in 30-year-old case of missing farmer


According to Janet’s story she didn’t remember any of these details as the horrifying experience was deeply buried amongst other memories. When papers wrote about a missing farmer she felt guilty thinking the farmer might have killed himself after not being able to live knowing he raped her.

She later even forgot the memories of the rape. From then on the woman had nightmares. As her situation got worst she looked for help and when she underwent hypnosis sessions she began remembering how she ended up shooting the farmer with his own shotgun in his farmhouse. The woman now justifies that at that moment in time she thought the farmer would rape her again. She saw the shotgun nearby and remembered it was loaded as the farmer was always telling her not to touch the gun. Fred Handford, then 56 years old, was instantly killed after being shot from behind.

Now, after more than 30 years have passed the woman is sad she didn’t remember this earlier so that she could have confessed and got on with her life.


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