Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Dies At 87


Lord Timothy Bell said in a statement that Carol and Mark Thatcher had announced about their mother’s passing this morning. They said that she had succumbed to a stroke but died peacefully.

Thatcher served as Prime Minister in Britain from 1979 to 1990. She was dabbed the ‘Iron Lady’ through her Soviet Union adversary and championing for free-market policies. She was referred to as the Ronald Reagan of Britain, with their shared ideologies and mutual respect for each other.
Among her numerous controversial accomplishments was when she forced the nation’s coal miners back to work following a year long strike. Her statement in that regard was that ‘we should back the workers and not the shirkers.’ She also fought hard for deregulation, lowering of taxes and privatization. Admirers say that Thatcher was behind the force of rejuvenating the nation’s faltering economy. On the flip side her critics say that during this time the rich got wealthier while the poor were significantly left behind.

In recent years, Thatcher’s health had significantly deteriorated and she suffered from multiple small strokes and she was battling dementia, according to her daughter.


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