Spain’s Foreign Minister Says Princess Cristina’s Subpoena Raises Concern


Although the princess was not charged, she is suspected to have known about her husband’s dealings and was summoned for questioning in court on the 27th of April in relation to the case. Urdangarin and a former business associate are facing corruption charges for funneling almost $6.4 million of public funds to their companies.
The summon has received world wide attention because it is not only a first to be issued to an immediate member of the king’s family, but it also comes at a time when Spain is dealing with multiple corruption allegations. Civil servants’ union Manos Limpias’s lawyer, Virginia Lopez-Negrete, said that the princess being named as a suspect gives her the opportunity to give her own explanation over the issue and it also goes to show the society that everyone is subject to the law.

Judge Jose Castro issued the summon citing new evidence which gave grounds for belief that the princess could have known about her husband’s underhand business activities. Antonio Salinas Casado, the country’s chief anti-corruption prosecutor, launched an appeal against the judge’s decision naming the princess as a suspect. Judge Castro is expected to make a judgment by summer on whether to pursue criminal charges against the Spanish royal couple.


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