Kate Middleton Could Be Having A Girl


The slip didn’t go unnoticed and sparked rumors that she could be having a baby girl. 67 year old Sandra Cook who was standing next to the Duchess at that time asked her if she had meant to say daughter. According to eOnline Middleton replied ‘No, I don’t know.’ However, Cook pressed on saying that she thought that the Duchess was indeed having a girl.

The Duchess and Duke are said to have recently found out about the sex of their baby, but they are keeping it private. They are said to have only told their parents about the sex of the little bundle of joy that they are expecting.

So far only a few details are known about the expected royal addition, but the palace has revealed that the baby is expected in July. decreed recently that should they have a daughter they will call her ‘Princess’ and refer to her as ‘Her Royal Highness.’


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