Bruce Reynolds, the Great Train Robber Dies at the Age of 81


The haul, which was done by 15 men in a Buckinghamshire mail train, was a ground breaking heist during that time. Jack Mills, the driver of the train at that time got struck on the head and he never went back to work. Later in 1970, he died. The gang stopped the train close to Cheddington by turning on the red signal. Nick, Reynolds’ son said that he died on Thursday in his sleep during the early hours. The son of Ronnie Biggs, Reynolds accomplice Michael Biggs said paid his tribute and said Reynolds was an educated, intelligent and loyal man to all his friends.

While speaking to BBC Radio 5 live, he said that regardless of the mistakes he made, he was a gentleman who acquired many friends during his lifetime. During the train robbery, he used inside information about mail movements to lay out plans for the raid which took place at night. The gang wore ski masks and helmets during the raid and managed to get away with 120 money bags. 


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