Europe is not funding LGBT free zone in Poland


The European Union has denied funding to six Polish towns that declared themselves to be “LGBT-Free Zones.”

“EU values and fundamental rights must be respected by Member States and state authorities,” European Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, transmitted on Twitter. The six towns – not specified, had applied to join the European Union’s twinning program and were rejected. n a statement on Twitter, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: “Our treaties in Europe ensure that every person in Europe is free to be who they are, live where they like, love who they want and aim as high as they want. I will continue to push for a #UnionOfEquality.”

Pride parade in Poland

Poland’s Minister of Justice, Zbigniew Ziobro, has condemned the EU’s decision, saying his country will defend the rule of law. In 2019, 80 municipalities in Poland declared themselves “free of LGBT ideology”, supported by local politicians associated with the ruling Conservative Law and Justice party. The issue of LGBTQ rights has recently divided Poland. Earlier this month, conservative president Andrzej Duda who campaigned against LGBTQ equality was re-elected.


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