G4S Lost Out On A Contract With England Police


Citing the London Olympics fiasco, the three police forces stated that G4S failed to provide the promised services. The trio is intending to look for cheaper and more reliable options. G4S was contracted to run various services such as IT management and human resource management for the three forces. G4S won the 200 million pound deal to deliver the same kind of services it is now providing to the Lincolnshire police department since the beginning of 2012. Over 30 custody suites along with 500 criminal cells across Staffordshire, Lancashire, South Wales, Lincolnshire are managed by the private firm.

In the 2012 Olympics, G4S failed to send out the 10,400 armed troops as promised and the army had to step in. The incident tainted the firm’s reputation badly, upsetting its core buyer, the Government. Officials confirmed that G4S won’t be blacklisted.

But, in recent times, the security firm’s been able to grab major contracts such as electronic tagging assignments for France and Scotland.

G4S is the largest private security firm in the entire world running operations in more than 125 countries.


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