Animal rights groups in Italy call to save the life of a bear


Nearly 15,000 people by Saturday had signed a World Wide Fund for Nature petition in Italy to save a bear , calling for an immediate ban on the death .

Fabio Misseroni, 59, and his son Christian Misseroni, 28, father and son, found the bear on their path and were attacked, Monday, when they were hiking on Mount Peller. They were wounded in the bear attack and Trentino governor Maurizio Fugatti signed a cull order allowing for the capture and kill of the bear because Italy’s National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research regulations call for bears that attack humans to be euthanized.

Animal rights groups Animalisti Italiani and the World Wide Fund for Nature in Italy are calling on authorities to clarify first the circumstances, including whether the father or son did anything to taunt the bear. The Italian environment minister also wrote a letter saying he is against the culling of the bear which, he said, may have been a female protecting cubs. “Only after collecting certain scientific information on the animal involved in the accident with the two citizens we will be able to evaluate technical solutions that, in my opinion, must not result in killing the animal,” Sergio Costa wrote.


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