Schoolgirl lover declares that jailed teacher is not a pedophile

The 16-year-old lover of school teacher Jeremy Forrest claims that she was the one who groomed the teacher and not the other way around. She insists that she will wait for the teacher to serve his five and a half year jail term and is hoping to have a baby with him when he gets out. 

  • Written by James Mahoney
  • Category: Europe

Pope Francis sets up a requisition of analysis to survey Vatican bank

A requisition of analysis has been set up by Pope Francis to survey the exercises of the Vatican bank, accompanying later outrages. Prior this month, he named a trusted priest to administer the administration of the bank, which is known formally as the Institute for Religious Works.

  • Written by Alina-Iuliana Popescu
  • Category: Europe

'Sheep-eating' plant blooms in Britain

A rare event happened in a British green-house. The Chilean plant Puya chilensis, also known as the "sheep-eating" plant has finally bloomed after 15 years passed since it was planted. The bloom of the South American 10-foot tall plant is expected to last up to a week or so.

  • Written by Adam West
  • Category: Europe