Spain to drag down the Euro power?

Spain has financial problems because of the crisis and is applying for a very big loan. This puts Europe in a bigger mess than it previously was in.

Financial critics say that Spain dropped into a spiral that will deepen its debt and makes things continuously worst.

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Leaked documents in Vatican

The leaked documents show a high form of corruption in Vatican's finance. The Pope's butler Paolo Gabriele is arrested and accused of leaking highly sensitive and confidential information that was taken from various important people in Vatican's financial administration.

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Gay parades banned in Moscow until 2112


The district court from Moscow decided to ban all gay pride events and parades for the next one hundred year (until May 2112).

This ban is a response to activists actions that tried to exploit a legislation loophole to have one hundred hay parades to the Mayor's office.

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DNA samples from unidentified visitors found on UK spy’s body

Recent breakthrough suggests the possibility of at least two visitor’s presence in the dead spy’s London apartment. On Monday, a forensic investigator, Ros Hammond said that at least two sets of DNA samples were found on the naked body of the victim. The mysterious visitors still remain unidentified. More tests are being conducted on the samples to get a proper clue or identification.

The spy, Gareth Williams was found packed in a sports utility bag.

Gareth Williams, 31 years old, used to work for Britain’s ‘secret eavesdropping service’ (GCHQ). Later he was recruited by MI6 the overseas spy agency. In August 2010, William’s body was found at his London residence inside a bag placed in his own bathtub.

During an inquest hearing in London it was said that having guests in his government provided residence was a rear occasion. On the other hand, Hammond claimed about a discovery of two unidentified person’s visit to the crime scene.

According to Hammond, DNA evidence was found on a towel and the sample is under tests. He hopes to achieve a clue explaining this puzzling death.

Police hasn’t yet confirmed how the murder went through and no arrest followed so far. Police officers have taken an interest in the victim’s personal life and his evident interest in sadomasochism. The victim’s relatives put blame on his job demanding various secret and dangerous tasks.

In the hearing, pathologists were doubtful of poisoning or asphyxiation as the prominent cause behind the death. Exact cause will be tough to point out as the victim’s cadaver was decomposed badly, because the body was laid undiscovered for a few days. The delay caused the loss of much needed and valuable evidence.

They found the radiators in William’s apartment turned on, when they discovered the body, even at the time of summer. This caused the quick decomposition of the body, a Pathologist named Benjamin Swift said.

Swift also told the hearing that in this case suffocating or poisoning are the most likely cause responsible for the death.

Richard Shepherd, another pathologist who did the 3rd autopsy on the body said that the evidence and the body suggest that the victim got into the duffel bag on his own accord. No sign of struggling was found on the dead body. That means Williams was alive before he went into the bag.

On Wednesday, a verdict is expected.

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