Cyprus' decision to tax depositors shocks the world

Cyprus reached an agreement with its international creditors and as a result the government shocked everyone when they announced a newly imposed tax on all bank deposits.

The decision was taken because Cyprus needed to help bail out its banks and the nation.

  • Written by Julius
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British Woman Seasick For 5 Years after Cruise

When Michele- Marie Roberts, her husband and their two sons took a cruise ship to Hawaii in 2008 she never would have imagine that 5 years later she would be still suffering from the aftermath of what should have been an enjoyable vacation. The 2-week holiday left her seasick and ever since she lives feeling as if she is still on the cruise ship.
  • Written by Bernadette
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Fake acupuncturist infects others with HIV

Swiss police arrested self proclaimed healer after he was accused of spreading HIV on purpose. The music teacher who was practicing acupuncture without a license infected 16 people intentionally with HIV.

Police investigation revealed that the "healer" was using HIV infected needles. When faced with the charges the music teacher denied having infected people on purpose.

  • Written by James Mahoney
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