DNA samples from unidentified visitors found on UK spy’s body

Recent breakthrough suggests the possibility of at least two visitor’s presence in the dead spy’s London apartment. On Monday, a forensic investigator, Ros Hammond said that at least two sets of DNA samples were found on the naked body of the victim. The mysterious visitors still remain unidentified. More tests are being conducted on the samples to get a proper clue or identification.

The spy, Gareth Williams was found packed in a sports utility bag.

Gareth Williams, 31 years old, used to work for Britain’s ‘secret eavesdropping service’ (GCHQ). Later he was recruited by MI6 the overseas spy agency. In August 2010, William’s body was found at his London residence inside a bag placed in his own bathtub.

During an inquest hearing in London it was said that having guests in his government provided residence was a rear occasion. On the other hand, Hammond claimed about a discovery of two unidentified person’s visit to the crime scene.

According to Hammond, DNA evidence was found on a towel and the sample is under tests. He hopes to achieve a clue explaining this puzzling death.

Police hasn’t yet confirmed how the murder went through and no arrest followed so far. Police officers have taken an interest in the victim’s personal life and his evident interest in sadomasochism. The victim’s relatives put blame on his job demanding various secret and dangerous tasks.

In the hearing, pathologists were doubtful of poisoning or asphyxiation as the prominent cause behind the death. Exact cause will be tough to point out as the victim’s cadaver was decomposed badly, because the body was laid undiscovered for a few days. The delay caused the loss of much needed and valuable evidence.

They found the radiators in William’s apartment turned on, when they discovered the body, even at the time of summer. This caused the quick decomposition of the body, a Pathologist named Benjamin Swift said.

Swift also told the hearing that in this case suffocating or poisoning are the most likely cause responsible for the death.

Richard Shepherd, another pathologist who did the 3rd autopsy on the body said that the evidence and the body suggest that the victim got into the duffel bag on his own accord. No sign of struggling was found on the dead body. That means Williams was alive before he went into the bag.

On Wednesday, a verdict is expected.

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Lethal gas leak in ‘Total’ facility, flare extinguished itself


A blazing flame that had ignited at one of the North Sea platforms has been reported to be put out. ‘Total’ the French oil giant confirmed the news on Saturday.

In Aberdeen the company held a press conference to explain the current situation.  Total spokesman, Brian O'Neill confirmed about the fire being extinguished. The company also completed the evacuation process at the Elgin platform.

According to Total, the fire extinguished itself as expected.

The leak is causing wastage of almost 200,000 cubic meters of gas everyday. If exposed to naked flames, the ignition could result in a deadly explosion.

On Friday, after observing from a surveillance flight a team of experts made sure of the fact that the fire had gone out. Afterward, on Saturday another team brought positive news that the gas hadn’t burned all night long.

Brian O'Neill also said that attempts to stop the leak are being performed, as Total is sinking 2 additional wells along with a plugging process for pumping ‘heavy mud’ at high pressure to the damaged well.

Before drilling some primary work had to be done. These procedures will take at least 7 to 10 days before the drilling can start. To serve the purpose, 2 drilling rigs had been moved from elsewhere.

In Twitter, Total chief executive said that they called for ‘special firefighters’ to control the situation. He also accused a certain rock formation for the damage done on Elgin platform.

Fortunately no human casualty was found. According to the Total officials the leaked gas is evaporating causing no major threat to the environment nearby.

Meanwhile, from Germany, a Greenpeace research vessel had visited the affected area to test samples of air, soil and water for toxicity.

The team went back to Germany after 24 hours and processed the data found. If the results are positive, no further investigation will be launched. Greenpeace also intends to publish their test results and other findings.

The fire hit Total pretty hard. After this incident, Total suffered a loss of a significant amount of total 8 billion euros (in U.S dollar 10 billion) from its stock value.

This was the biggest setback Total has faced since it started its business in this area almost a decade ago.

The North Sea saw its last major industrial accident in the year of 1988. The ‘Piper Alpha’ oil platform blew out, killing 167 people.


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Siberia plane crush. Death toll reaches 31

On Monday, in Siberia, a passenger plane went down and crashed taking the life of 31 people in the process. The plane was carrying 43 people. 39 were passengers and 4 were crews. The other 12 people who survived were immediately hospitalized, on duty emergency officers said. The survivors were in serious condition.

The aircraft flew from Tyumen, a west Siberian city and was on its way to Surgut a place well known for its vast reserve of oil.

A local airline named UTair operated this crashed carrier. UTair mostly functions in the Ural Mountains and the western part of Siberia.

The crashed plane at hand is an ATR-72, French-Italian collaboration with twin engine.

The plane went down within a very short amount of time while the attempt for an emergency landing, the airline website said. The accident occurred about one and a half kilometers away from the Roshchino airport.

From UTair, no immediate explanation behind the crash was published.

An airport official said that the plane climbed hardly a hundred meters and suddenly lost every radio contact. It is assumed that the problems occurred during the take off and the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing.

Russian aviation officials have obtained technical documents regarding the aircraft. A full scale investigation has already been started. Poor quality pilot training and ‘conked out aircrafts’ are the primary suspects.

The plane took the crash quite hard. The jet broke down into manifold pieces.

The ‘Russian Emergency Ministry’ said that the black box had been found.

Tyumen city is about 1,700 kilometers east from the capital, Moscow. The city represents the capital of a big oil producing state with the same name. The aircraft’s destination was Surgut, heart of a large oil and natural gas company named ‘Surgutneftegaz’.

This is another big and crucial hit to the aviation industry of Russia. The country’s aviation industry has been going through a rough ride for quite a few years till now. President Vladimir Putin has set ‘reforming of aviation industry’ as a top priority.

Officials pointed out lack of strict rules and testing process and also age old training systems. Use of Soviet-era planes is also another prime cause behind the accidents in recent years.

Immediately Putin’s order came to lay off broken down and old planes by the end of 2012. New rules and regulations will be set to ensure a safer and better aviation industry.

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Berlusconi has promised to punish rioters after Rome protest

Reportedly the latest Rome protests caused lots of damage in central Rome.

Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister, vowed to punish all rioters after a simple mass rally in Rome quickly transformed into street battles.

Over seventy people were injured, only few of them were seriously hurt, cars and bins set on fire and other properties were damaged.

Militant protesters who had joined the crowds taking part in a global protest against banks and politicians fought against the Riot police in the city centre.

Similar protests were seen in over eighty other different countries but most of them passed off peacefully.

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