One Of The Delhi Gang Rapist Ruled As Juvenile


The teenager’s birth records indicate him as 17 years old. According to the Indian law, the maximum he is about to face is of 3 years detention in a facility for the underage. The five other are accused of raping then killing a 23 year old medical science student on 16th December and might face life long prison or the death .

After the Delhi bus gang rape incident, large scale of protest is taking place all over the country calling for execution as the for rape.

The protestors and activists are demanding for the teenager to go for a ‘Bone Ossification Test’ that determines the age of the person quite accurately. But after the Monday ruling, that test is unlikely to happen. Earlier mother of the teenager claimed that her son was born in 1994, which makes him 18 years old, legally an adult.

Lawyers representing the five other suspects have started their arguments stating that the charges were framed against their clients. They are to face 14 charges that include rape, robbery, kidnapping and murder.


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