Indonesian airline Lion Air has canceled flights again

From June 5, the Jakarta-based Indonesian airline  Lion Air has canceled again the domestic flight which resumed a few weeks ago.

International flights offered by the airline to Saudi Arabia, China, Malaysia and Singapore have been canceled as well. The motivation is the passengers are not following Covid-19 regulations. It was required social distancing and also some others rules. A representative for Lion Air explained that "many prospective passengers were unable to carry out air travel because they did not complete the required documents and conditions during the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic alert period." Passengers were required to produce documents proving they do not have coronavirus. Or, if applicable, passengers they were required to show a letter proving a family emergency.


Lion Air specifically cited its concern for employees' health, especially cabin crew at risk of contracting the coronavirus from travelers. Lion Air is offering refunds to passengers who had already booked their tickets, but it's not allowing anyone to make new reservations for the time being. The airline only noted it“continuously monitors the progress of the situation, collects data and information and implements the various anticipating steps needed to prepare for the upcoming flight service.”