39 injured in a knife attack at a primary school in China

An attack with knife took place at Wangfu County Center Primary School in Guangxi on Thursday morning.

It comes as China has started to reopen schools following the coronavirus outbreak. Thirty seven pupils and two staff adults have been injured. Two of them were seriously injured but their wounds were not life threatening. Many of the injured pupils were from the preschool class, and aged about six. Eight ambulances attended the incident in the city of Wuzhou. A video by Xiaoxiang Morning News shows doctors and nurses attending to at least 10 pupils with bandages on their head and bodies, and helping them to leave the school building. There was a long queue of anxious parents waiting in front of the Wangfu government clinic.


The suspect, Li Xiaomin, 50-year-old was identified as a security guard at the school. He was detained. A working group has been set up to further investigate the incident. Knife attacks by disgruntled people have been taking place in different parts of China in the past few years.The attackers targeted mainly kindergarten and primary schools. As an example, in September last year, eight students of a primary school in central China were killed and two others injured in a brutal knife attack carried out by a man, released recently from jail.