North Korea’s Nuclear Test Plans Exposed


According to a photo taken back in December 24, a large pile of materials was being made and the photo taken last Wednesday shows shrinkage of the pile along with heavy movements of soldiers and machineries. Analysis results suggest that a tunnel is being blocked into a mountainside to detonate some sort of nuclear device.

The analysis was handed to Associated Press by a website named 38 North, ran by the U.S.-Korea Institution of Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies.

Right now, North Korea’s intentions aren’t clear to the international community. The U.S. officials said that at present they don’t know much about the project, since its taking place underground. Things now are at a stage of readiness. But the test would be performed in near future.

The National Defense Commission of North Korea announced its plans last Thursday; right after U.N. Security Council issued tighter sanctions regarding the rocket launch last December. The plans call for retaining 28,000 soldiers in South Korea. North Korea is accusing South Korea of pushing U.N. to penalize Pyongyang.


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