A man was reunited with his natural parents after 32 years, in China

Mao Yin, who now runs a home decoration business in Sichuan, China, a man who was abducted as a toddler 32 years ago, was finally reunited with his biological family Monday.

He was taken from his parents in 1988 when he was two years old while outside of a hotel in the Chinese city of Xi'an, in Shaanxi province. He was sold to a childless couple in the neighboring Sichuan province. Following Mao's disappearance,his mother  Li abandoned her job and devoted herself to the quest of searching for her son even with the help of numerous national television programs. In late April this year, police in Xian received a tip-off that a man in Sichuan province had bought a child from Shaanxi in the late-1980s. This started a complex operation with the help of the facial recognition modern technology.


The police analyzed an old photo of Mao as a boy and came up with a simulated image of him as an adult. After a series of investigations and comparisons, the police tracked down a man in the city of Mianyang who resembled the image of Mao. Real miracle, he was later confirmed to be the missing son using a DNA test. Mao Yin, 34-year-old, was reunited with his birth parents. China has a nationwide DNA database since  2009 to help police because many children are kidnapped in the country  each year and more than 51,000 registered families are actually searching for their children.