British Grandma To Face Firing Squad For Smuggling Coke


The prosecutor sought a 15-year against her, but the court sentenced her to death by firing squad. This is due to ’s strictness on drug crimes, with over 40 foreigners who are on death row within the country having been convicted of drug charges.The death by firing squad has not been executed in the country since 2008.

Briton Julian Pounder who is supposedly Sandiford’s accomplice is expected to receive a verdict next Tuesday. Pounder faced accomplice charges after he is said to have received the drugs from Sandiford in Bali. The bust also saw other Indian and British citizens convicted with prison sentences in connection with the same incident.

Hugo Swire, British Foreign Office Minister, said that the government strongly opposed the death penalty . He added that they were providing consular assistance to Sandiford and her family. Sandiford’s lawyer stated that she would make an appeal, which could unfortunately mean several years in court but buy more time for the British grandmother.


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