North Korea tested again short-range ballistic missiles

North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the ocean off its east coast, on Sunday.

Two “short-range projectiles” were launched from the coastal Wonsan area and flew 230km (143 miles) at a maximum altitude of 30km (19 miles). Japan’s Ministry of  Defense said they appeared to be ballistic missiles. There were eighth and ninth missiles launched in four rounds of tests this month. That would be the most missiles ever fired in a single month by North Korea. The weapons launched recently were all short range and didn't pose a direct threat to the U.S. homeland. “In a situation where the entire world is experiencing difficulties due to Covid-19, this kind of military act by North Korea is very inappropriate and we call for an immediate halt,” South Korea declared via news agency.


South Korean and U.S. intelligence authorities were analyzing more details of the launches. Previously, North Korea’s president has warned that the country is developing a new “strategic weapon” to be unveiled this year. South Korea and the United States have postponed some of their joint military exercises because of the coronavirus outbreak in South Korea. A week ago, North Korea said Trump sent a personal letter to Kim, seeking to maintain good relations and offering cooperation in fighting the virus outbreak.