Avalanches and landslides killed more than 130 in Pakistan

Pakistan's National Disaster Management Authority put the death toll at more than 130 on Wednesday, after avalanches and landslides have swept through the Pakistan-controlled portion of Kashmir because heavy rain and snow has pummeled the region in recent days

. Another hundred persons were injured. Most of those who died were women and children. Most casualties were caused after roofs collapsed under thick snow. Desperate villagers conducted a search and rescue attempt. The death toll may continue to rise, as there are fears that many people may still be trapped. Hundreds of people in remote villages remain stranded in the snow as rescuers rush to save them. Hundreds of homes were destroyed. Avalanches and landslides are common in Kashmir. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday he had asked the national disaster agency, the military, and federal ministers to provide humanitarian assistance to the affected residents.


Helicopters will airdrop food and essential supplies to residents cut off by snow. Heavy snowfall is normal for this time of year, said Zaheer Ahmed, director of the National Weather Forecasting Center in Islamabad. Authorities have shuttered schools, while several highways and roads were closed across the country’s mountainous northern areas.