Animal sacrifice festival in Nepal

The Gadhimai festival started in the early hours of Tuesday morning in Nepal. It’s the world’s largest animal sacrifice festival, every five years.

An estimated 3,500 buffalo are beheaded. The affirmed goal is to pleasing Gadhimai, the goddess of power. Thousands of people from Nepal and neighbouring India traveled to Bariyarpur village to witness the festival. Authorities announced a ban in 2015 and Nepal’s supreme court directed the government to reduce animal sacrifice a year later. But it seems that nothing changed. “The suffering of these animals is so upsetting, they have endured exhausting journeys to get here and are paraded in front of a baying crowd as all around them they witness other animals being decapitated one by one,” Alokparna Sengupta, managing director of Humane Society International in India, said.

The Gadhimai temple

“The government must act forcefully to prevent this bloodbath from taking place again or feel the impact of a tourist boycott,” Mimi Bekhechi, Peta’s director of international programmes declared. „We urge all of its compassionate citizens to join the international clamour for an end to such barbarity,” she added. About 4 million people participate in the festival. In 2009, activists including Brigitte Bardot made several attempts to stop the ritual. But in 2015 it was erroneously reported  hat Nepal's temple trust planned to cancel all future animal sacrifice at the festival.