Big protests in the Indonesian capital, banning sex before marriage contested


Protests against the bill also took place in other cities in the country, including Yogyakarta and Makassar on Sulawesi island. The demonstrations have been among the biggest anti-government rallies since 1998 when protests brought down the Suharto dictatorship. More than 5,000 police have reportedly been deployed to maintain security in Jakarta. According the new bill project, sex before marriage would be criminalised and could result in a one-year prison term. Living together outside marriage also could lead to a six-month prison sentence. Abortion will be punished with up to four yiears detention if not medically justified,which will include rape cases. The bill would also outlaw insulting the president and expand blasphemy laws.


President Joko Widodo was urged at the same time by protesters  to halt legislation aimed at crippling anti-corruption efforts and sharply reducing personal freedom. Protests have developed into a general expression of anger with the government. Police responded with tear gas and water cannons. Several hundreds have been injured over the past days in Jakarta alone.The vote on some of the new bills has been postponed.


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