A fugitive on the run for 17 years in China was arrested in a cave


The 63-year old, named Song Jiang, had been living in a tiny cave, less than 2 square metres in size. He escaped from a prison camp in 2002, in Sichuan province. He had been jailed for trafficking women and children. Intelligence had led police to the area a year ago, but numerous searches had failed to find any trace of the man. Authorities received a tip-off about his possible location earlier this month, Yongshan Police revealed. They used drones to search for him. The man had been living in seclusion for so long that it was difficult for him to communicate with the officers. He survived by collecting river water in a plastic bottle and using tree branches to make fires. A rough camp bed was found on rock at the back of the cave.

Image from inside the cave

He has been sent back to jail. Drone technology was usefull in this case because was very difficult to search on the ground in a mountainous terrain. Only this year, Yunnan police arrested 69 suspects in three separate operations in January, February, and May, rescuing 37 women trafficked from Vietnam.


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