Serial killer found after three decades, in South Korea


Technological improvement of DNA analysis allowed authorities to extract DNA samples from evidence that wasn’t possible at the time of the cases. And fact was proved: the man’s DNA matches samples taken from evidence collected from some of the crime scenes. Shocking fact: the criminal, in his 50s, will not face charges because the statute of limitations expired 13 years ago. But the most interesting part, he is already in prison where he is serving a life sentence for another case. The police did not name him. The police maintained records of their investigations and continued making checks into the cases because this has called the worst serial murder in the country’s modern history.


For the instant the suspect was connected to three of the cases. They will continue their investigations. All 10 victims were sexually assaulted and murdered, and most were strangled to death. The victims ranged in age from young teenagers to women in their 70s. The cases were also the subject of a 2003 true crime film “Memories of Murder.”


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