The Indian woman that was brutally beaten on a bus dies in hospital


Indians that marched and demanded more protection for women against violence were shocked when the woman’s death was announced. Manmohan Singh, the Indian Prime Minister, said that the woman’s death will not be in vain after he ensured the Indian population that measures will be taken to change the law so that women are better protected.

The Chief Executive of the hospital Dr. Kevin Loh said in a statement that the young woman “passed away peacefully” at Mount Elizabeth hospital with officials of the Indian Embassy and with her family by her side. Medics tried their best to keep the woman’s condition stable but despite all their efforts the woman’s condition got worst over the last two days.

Loh further added: “She suffered from severe organ failure following serious injuries to her brain and body. She was courageous as she fought for her life for so long when the odds were against her, but the trauma to her body was far too severe for her to overcome.”



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