Nepal will impose new rules for Everest climbers


Climbers died due to altitude sickness, heart attack, exhaustion or weaknesses. Because of the altitude, climbers have just hours to reach the top before they are at risk of pulmonary edema, when the lungs fill with liquid, causing respiratory failure. “Climbers to Sagarmatha and other 8,000 metre mountains must undergo basic and high altitude climbing training,” a Nepal panel concluded in a report submitted to the government on Thursday. A new rule will possibly be imposed: those hoping to climb Everest must climb at least one Nepali peak above 6,500 meters before getting a permit. Climbers must also submit a certificate of good health and physical fitness, and be accompanied by a trained Nepali guide.


If until now people paid $11,000 to climb Everest, the committee also proposed a fee of at least $35,000 for Everest and $20,000 for other mountains over 8,000 meters. “The government will now make the required changes in laws and regulations guiding mountain climbing,” Ghanshyam Upadhyaya, a senior official with Nepal’s tourism ministry, said to media.


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