Typhoon Lekima made dozens victims in China in the weekend


The deaths occurred in Yongjia county on the outskirts of Wenzhou, a major port city. Another 18 are missing. Typhoon Lekima made landfall with winds gusting to 187km/h. The river blocked by a landslide rose to a level of 10 metres within 10 minutes, trapping 120 villagers. More than 1 million people were evacuated before the storm struck. Some popular tourist areas including Shanghai Disneyland were closed. More than 3000 airline flights in Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities and some train services including the high-speed magnetic levitation train to Pudong International Airport were cancelled until Monday. 2.72 million households in Zhejiang had power blackouts as strong wind and rain downed electricity transmission lines. Some 200 houses in six cities in Zhejiang had collapsed.


Lekima was heading slowly northward along China’s east coast on Sunday. It was e4xpected to make landfall again in Shandong province. The typhoon damaged more than 173,000 hectares of crops and 34,000 homes in Zhejiang, provincial authorities said in estimating the economic losses at 14.57 billion yuan.


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