The Chinese Criminal Law has zero tolerance for sexual assaults of children


The Supreme People’s Court said the case showed its determination to protect juveniles by giving harsh penalties to criminals who sexually assault children. Courts nationwide have always exhibited “zero-tolerance” for defendants who sexually assault juveniles, and those who harmed children with extremely cruel behavior were sentenced to death without hesitation in line with the Chinese Criminal Law, the statement said. Courts across the country concluded 3,567 cases of child molestation last year, 605 more than in 2017. From January to June, the number reached 1,803.

Supreme People’s Court in China

Some internet enterprises have also been urged by judicial authorities to increase reviews of online content to ensure harmful information can be removed in a timely manner, and to design and offer a much safer online environment for children. Previously, in June, a businessman was executed in the central Chinese province of Henan for the rape of 25 minors, including 14 under the age of 14, over a two-year period.


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