Train accident killed at least five people and injured dozens in Bangladesh


Two carriages that fell into a canal. There could be more casualties inside. Twenty-one of the injured were taken to a hospital in Sylhet, the nearest city, in serious condition. The train was crossing a bridge on its way to the capital, Dhaka. Officials said part of the bridge collapsed as the express train went over. The derailment occurred near the Moulavi Bazar district, 210 kilometers east of Dhaka. At least 13 fire engines were sent for the rescue mission and five ambulances went to the spot to provide immediate medical care to the injured. Local people joined fire and police teams in pulling the dead and injured out of the wreckage.


The administrative top officials came to the spot. This accident is considered primarily due to the extra passenger. All train services between Sylhet and other districts were suspended after the accident. An investigation is currently underway. Railway accidents occur relatively frequently in Bangladesh, many because poor signaling and rundown tracks. At least 2,321 people have been crushed under trains in Dhaka division in the past eight years. Some 554 people were killed while sitting on the tracks or walking on them.


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